Thursday, 27 August 2009

Noob Shotz @ Titiwangsa Park @ 22/08/2009

Before I went to this Titiwangsa Park, I asked myself, when was the last time I visited this park. I stunned, I had no memories of Titiwangsa Park, perhaps 10 years ago? Anyway, Joleen and I decided to take a walk on last Saturday.

Reached there around 6:30pm, not many people, just a few joggers. The whole place was very quiet, the power of H1N1?

Is that a pink love-shape flare @ the KLCC tower? How can I avoid that? Perhaps a lens hood?

Blue sky & blue lake, leng!

Joleen & the blue lake, anywhere to improve?

I don't have a flash gun, so the lighting may not that pretty.

Imagine Joleen stood there for 3.2 seconds lol, 1 word - Pro!

I've been asking around how to shoot a photo with background and foreground in focus, especially at night. Anyone mind to put money into my pocket? Merge 2 photos with different focus, or get a ultra-wide angle lens?

Night scenery is one of my favorite shot, what to do, no telephoto lens, no macro lens, no wide-angle lens..

I think it's a little underexposed, should put it more than 30 seconds, what do you think?

Bamboo tree?

Not sure I'm too old or long time never been to park, I was kinda surprised when I saw this toilet.

Maybe I'm too noob, it was my 1st time to see such a high-tech automated toilet in the park(Bolehland). Entry is only 20 cents, normally we already knew how a 20 cents toilet looked like in a park. But......

You are wrong. The toilet was damn clean, propably cleaner than your house's toilets. It also had air-con, 1 flush toilet and 1 squat toilet<---choose your best comfort. The maximum time you can occupy is 15 mins if not mistaken, 20 cents for 15 mins, better than the premium toilet in KLCC. The door closed immediately once Joleen stepped out from the toilet, too bad I didn't photograph it on time T.T

Taken on the overhead bridge outside P1 buiding. I heard if take it in dawn time will give you different surprise, I should try it next time!

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