Friday, 14 August 2009

Crapping Session @ Gasoline Sri Kembangan @ 07/08/2009

It's been 2 years that we didn't meet up since Fenny's or Yvonne's wedding, can't really remember. My brain is working bad, some of my memories were missing haha. But I remembered Yvonne told me that her son is 2 years old, that meant we didn't meet up for 3 years? Honestly, I can't believe it lol, time really flied. Anyway, Yvonne suggested to go Gasoline Cafe @ Sri Kembangan, opposite The Mines Shopping Mall, so here we are.

We didn't order a lot of food on that day, just some drinks and french fries. Time really flied, I didn't realize it was 2a.m until I looked at my watch, yes, we have been crapping for 5 hours (especially Lebon) LOL!

The place and view is nice, the cafe is just near the lake, quite windy though. I remember 4 of us used to hang out since Form 4, used to celebrate each of our birthday. 4 of us were same class during Form 4 and Form 5. Lebon sat next to me, whereas Fenny and Yvonne the noisy couple sat behind of us.

Still noob in taking night potrait+scenery. Without tripod and external flash, the flash on their face is kinda harsh, is it?

Goose or ducks? Not sure, I just knew they were guarded by a guard, who was helping us to take the following photo zzz.

Yes, my head is chopped off lol. I was damn scared that he will drop my new toy lol. Though this photo is kinda weird, but I bet 3 of them were competing who had the brightest teeth LOL!

The place is nice, windy, and peaceful. We had a wonderful gathering at that night. When is our next crapping session? :D


Anonymous said...

how about the service of that gasoline cafe...?

MingKAI said...

Normal and so so.cuz we didn't bother much about chatting all the time lol