Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Malacca Trip @ 01/08/2009 - 02/08/2009

I just back from Malacca last weekend, a family trip and 1st outing with my new babe 450D ^^. I thought we will be going to A Famosa to take photos, have fun, and sightseeing, but ended up we stayed the whole day in the A Famosa resort/villa.

A private "pool" from our villa haha.

Honestly, the whole taman looks horrible, just like "A Nightmare on Elm Street" lol. It seems like the whole area is abandoned, no money to maintain, you can lie on the street as you like, no car will hit you.

Waited 5 mins to capture this moment, too bad no macro lens T.T

My sister and nephew(her son). I would name this photo as "The Lovely Smile" haha

My aunty and cousins. It's kinda funny that we didn't visit the real A Famosa or Jonker Street, instead, we soaked and try to have fun in the little pool.

Taken in front of the Cowboy Town. Amazingly, the colour and noise control in ISO1600 is still not bad. Compare with my previous FX10, when you look at the photos taken in ISO400-ISO800, you will feel like throwing the camera away lol.

I know it's kinda blur, handheld 5 secs, what to do?

Pool @ night, tripod a bit senget haha..

Mahjong gang!

In-house mahjong game, some enjoyed mahjong..

Some enjoyed watching television...

Some having NDS competition..

Some liked to drink Vitagen and posed in front of the camera lol.

Told you, he likes to pose...

Even is her sister, they definitely won't feel shy in front of the camera =)

P/S: Though the trip was kinda boring, but I did enjoy taking photograph haha..Anyone organizing any outing/trips? Do let me know :D

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