Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Noob Shotz @ Bukit Bintang @ 17/10/2009

Few months ago, I was in Sungei Wang shopping with Joleen. When dinner time was around, we saw this restaurant called Restaurant U-Village. Well, I knew it just another HK style restaurant like Kim Gary, but I heard it's quite good and I remembered it was there since I was a kid, so why don't give a try?

Ice lemon tea, Ying Yong, and the bokeh :D

Can't remember what this was. Was that gu lou yok? Whatever it was, it's nice and kinda big portion..yummy..

Pineapple Fried Rice - Tasty and a lot of rice, with few cute prawns too ^^. The food actually were not bad, it just that the restaurant was not very clean, not very comfortable while eating.

After dinner, we realized that the night was still young, we decided to walk to the junction of McD/ Giordano there for camwhore lol

Joleen and her favorite restaurant - McD XD

Traffic light in lomo feel..where you wanna go??

Joleen at the busy street.

When police said stop, you have to stop!

Joleen with her lovely smile =)

Time to go home..180km/h ciao! XD

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