Friday, 25 June 2010

Lunchai's Genting Trip @ 17/02/2010 - 19/02/2010 (Day 1 & 2)

So far, the most crazyiest day I had was during the Lunchai annual CNY Genting trip lol. Why? Because I will get myself drunk, remember, I'm just a noob. Thank God, this year DD was able to join us. Due to his so-call busy tight schedule, we all have to tolerate him and booked the hotel room during peak period!

This year a bit different, we drifted up at night instead of afternoon due to their last min tight schedule. Bob said his boss didn't approve his leave, so he forced to check-in another morning lol, at least we didn't cancel the whole trip.

When was the last time 5 of us been to Genting trip together? It's been awhile, but you didn't need to stare at me like that, did you?

It's already midnight, but we went out for jalan-jalan and cari makan. The smoker...

The sleepwalker..

Went to Kopitiam, expected, full of "clam", "sotong", whatever, you name it. But these 2 dudes, are they qualify? lol

Had fun with his new iphone..

Busy eating..

My favorite bread...

Roti + white coffee = GG

Egg on bread, anyone?

After the lovely supper, we back to room and opened our own casino. 6 + 5, gimme "picture" pls!

I guess I got the "picture" LOL

After won the money til 3 - 4 am, it's time to sleep. Gotta rest more and find Uncle Lim on next day XD.

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