Friday, 20 August 2010

Earth Hour @ KLCC @ 27/03/2010

Earth Hour, what did you do on that day? Switched off your air-con? PC? LCD? What about me? I did switch off my PC, but also went to KLCC with my brother and sister to check out the "corn".

Right before we left the house, I saw the full moon. Is that full moon?

When we reached there, the light was already off. 1st time see the corn without light haha, kinda cute..

A split second later, the light was back. Here we go the camwhore...

Had fun jumping here and there...

Floating without wing...

Yoga master - Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2

Around 10pm, the noob guards blew their whistle and wanna kick us out from the park. This was my 1st hang out @ earth hour, expecting more in the future =)

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