Monday, 23 August 2010

Outing @ Tasik Puchong Prima @ 03/04/2010

I'm always a big fan of landscape and seascape when talking about photography. But today, neither of them, it's just a lake located @ Puchong Prima. I  heard about this lake some times ago through forum / photographers. Too bad I didn't catch the sunset due to the stupid cloud. The funny thing is, those fishermen asked me why did I come in evening instead of morning cuz they said they saw many photographers came to catch sunrise early in the morning. I was like "Eh? Aren't we facing west now?" Not sure about it, will definately come back again.

I had difficulty looking for the lake on that day, when I was driving around, I saw a huge empty field and full of these electric cable. Then I wondered what was this dude trying to catch in the grass LOL. Just joking, there is a drain there. 

Still not very good in making natural look HDR.

What do you see?

There is 2 shooting spot at that place. The one I shot from was kinda dangerous as you need to walk downt the slope carefully, then you will see the big longkang at your back. The other side you to head to another side further, I will look for it once I decided to go again :P. Not to mention I love to shoot long exposure, just love it.

The night was getting darker and darker, but the 3 Malay dudes were just like to fish at this time..

Do you see a white house near the top right? There is the other spot that I wanted to go next time.

Make sure you don't go alone lol

Look properly, it's actually 3 sticks instead of 2 :P

1 min exposure already can see some noise. That time still didn't have GND filter, I tried black card for 30 secs for top part and 60 secs for bottom part. DOF was too shallow since I only used f8.

As usual, Malaysia Boleh!

Yes, the exif stated it's 8pm, but those "fishermen" were still busy fishing lol

The big longkang just behind me, watch out your step, if you fall, you will just slide into the lake lol

Last shot before leaving for dinner.

Since we were in Puchong, we visited Bumbu Bali again @ Bandar Puteri.

Were we really in Bali? LOL

Ice lemon tea..

Not sure they were for decoration or sales..

Nasi Kuning..

I guess this is a must order dish..

Campur-campur Tiga (BBQ Chicken Wing, Fried Calamari, Sate Lilit)..

Avocado Milk Shake..

Nasi Putih..

2nd time I came also orderd Campur-campur Tiga, it's time to order something else the next time I come :p


uLi.佑莉 said...

Nice shots wor....teach me the HDR effect la...:D

MingKAI said...

= = " Just bracket your camera to shoot 3-5 exposure depending on the light, but not every place is suitable to HDR. As long as it's big gap of contrast, normally for me is unable to balance the sky's exposure and ground's exposure. After the 3-5 shots, then use photomatix to combine it. But I'm still learning to tweak it to non-Halo effect :P

improve search engine rankings said...

wow nice photos there! love the hdr

find home rent said...

nice try , the colors are not vibrant , perhaps you can work on that

room for rent said...

nice HDR man, what software do u use?