Monday, 27 September 2010

Outing With Canon Buggers @ Bukit Bintang @ 01/05/2010

After played with kitty (18-55 IS) for less than 1 year, I finally decided to upgrade to a faster zoom lens which is the famous Tamron 17-50 f2.8. Found a seller from, called him, met up and COD with him, checked everything, no scratch, no peel off. Most importantly of this lens, no front/back focus problem, tested focus speed, just right about from review, really noisy (transformer sound), slow but no big deal, still sharp and nice. So? DEAL!

Right after the deal, I then rushed to Bukit Bintang to meet up Buggers gang for shooting light trail. Right about time to test out the new toy :P Tx to boss Andrew for bringing us to Lot 10's rooftop LOL (Yes, I don't know there is a fitness center and bistro on the rooftop haha). Managed to get some of the shots before a LCLY guard supervisor kicked our asses out of the rooftop zzz.

A busy road...

The light was changing so fast...

Right after our asses were out of the building, we then started shooting light trail of the busy junction. I thought it was weird when shooting in the middle of the busy street with tripod. Not really, saw some other gangs were doing the same thing too HAHA...

It's green light! Shutter "click"!

I saw a security guard was talking to another dude when he was trying to photograph this building but, he was out of the building and still, the security guard still wanna trouble him lol...

Move further up to monorail there...

My boss Andrew attached his 75-300 USM's hood to his 18-55 IS to create fisheye effect lol

Just got my lens that day, already poisoned by the bokeh..though it's not perfect, but still acceptable :D

Some noob panning on people...

Super low angle junction light trail shot, ah.......I need a UWA lens T.T

Ah...UWA pls come to papa!

Though my noob 450D is slow like turtle compared to my boss's 40D's AK47 continuous shot, but still managed to get 1 night panning :P

Last but not least, the Fast & Furious KL Drift :D


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