Thursday, 10 February 2011

Outing with Donz @ Ulu Yam @ 04/09/2010

Right after the exhausted trekking, I continued the marathon at night. Donny Zai invited me to the startrail shooting @ Ulu Yam. That time, I was interested in shooting startrail and I was not sure how to shoot it. Too bad that night was raining but we never gave up, we still drove to Ulu Yam and tested our luck. Thanks for the ride Donz!

The place is really really dark, but the sky is full of light pullution, not to mention it's cloudy???

The place is cool, just like the hill from Initial D, you might see people racing here XD

Since it's a no no day for startrail, we shot long exposure instead...

See the green colour line??? Now only I realize it's already there since September T.T

Long exposure with black card technique...

Few more boring shots before leaving...

Yeah..confirmed it happened since September, or maybe earlier than this...WTF?

Thanks Donny for the invitation :D. Perhaps we can visit the place again? :D


Don'z said...

September 4th. great photo u got there.

here my post :p

MingKAI said...

tx donny zai...yupe..I read it long time ago when you posted it :D