Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Solo Projects @ Tasik Puchong Prima @ 18/09/2010

I'm a long exposure freak who likes to wait and see the result after more than 1 min. In order to slow down the exposure in daytime, 10 stop ND is the option. Since I don't have a Lee filters system, I bought the screw-in B+W ND 110 instead. So one day out of the blue, I drove to the Puchong lake and tested out the filter although I expected won't get any nice result cuz there's not much wave from the lake.

It was a hot evening but those dudes didn't mind fishing there XD. One thing I noticed was the longer you facing towards the Sun using the filter, the stronger colour cast you will have.

You will see a big sewer once you step down the hill. Dare to enter???

Very slippery...

Sun was about to set, but no luck to see egg yolk...


Last shot before heading home...

I saw this beautiful mosque while I was driving. So I decided to make a stop and see what I can get XD

Last shot before really going home XD

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