Monday, 10 September 2007

Linkin Park Live in Singapore

Finally, I have purchased the Linkin Park Live in Singapore tickets. I'm very happy and excited because I already collected the tickets at KL Sentral today hehe. I remembered their 1st visit was 15/10/2003. As a LP fan, I went to that concert and I remembered the next day was having exam lol. After 4 years, they have another Asia tour but this time, they are coming to Singapore but not Malaysia. However, I know that I cant't miss this concert as they just launched the latest album "Minutes to Midnight" on May. Still got 2 more months (13/11/2007) to wait, Singapore, I'm coming :D

Linkin Park
From: Lptimes

Singapore Indoor Stadium
From: Wikipedia

2003 ticket, I still keep it lol

2007 tickets, woohoo :D


DonDon said...

wow~ cool~ LP is back~ no passport.. else i follow u go :P

MingKAI said... also...another RM300 gone haha..wallet broken d..btw..2003..are we same class?? haha

Anonymous said...

the coming LP concert, u bought 2 tickets, rite?? 1 for me gah?? lol...

MingKAI said...

lol..i dun even know who you to buy for u? haha

Anonymous said...

hei, guy..dun pretend u dunno me, ok!!!!! hehe...anyway, do enjoy ur concert with ur 'honey'... :P