Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Mooncake Festival Celebration

Last night is the Mooncake Festival eve, my colleagues and me had a barbecue session at Johnny's house. Thanks to him and his housemates to allow us to fool around in his house lol. We reached his house before 7pm. Surprisingly, the 1st impression when we looked at his house is "Omg? I couldn't believe this house is staying by 4 dudes. The place is very organized and clean, I dare to say this is the cleanest rented-sharing-house that I have ever seen. After we have done the visit, we were ready to setup the fire.

The 1st dish was the tomato spaghetti cooked by Ivy and Jeslyn whereby me and Johnny were helping out on the fire set-up. After the fire was up, Johnny and I were ready to BBQ the chicken wing, sausages, and corns. Moment later, Ivy and Jeslyn have successfully made the spaghetti. Immediately, we got additional 2 pairs of hands to help out on the BBQ. We put a lot of honey and butter on the corns, chicken wings and sausage to make it taste nicer. After awhile, Ms Tan and Michelle have finally arrived. They immediately changed the short pants and prepared the salads.

At the same time, Jesyln checked out Johnny who was hiding in the kitchen making his Johnny's lamp chop. She has successfully acquired the secret recipe. I guess maybe she wants to cook for her bf lol. Some of the Johnny's housemates were back and joined us in the mid of the BBQ session, thanks to "Lengzai Peter", he was given tough time to flapping wind to make the fire stronger. And thanks to Michelle's ginseng tea, luckily we didn't take MC today :D.

funny :D

Cooking speghetti

Johnny's buddy - Doogie

Flapping wind lol

Johnny and his housemate "Lengzai Peter"


Lamp chop...yummy

Michelle & Ms Tan - making salads

Chef Johnny & Jeslyn




Jeslyn, Johnny & Me


Cleaners :P

Johnny, Michelle, Ms Tan, Ivy, Jeslyn & me

Incomplete jimui gang


Anonymous said...

lol....the video damn funny....

MingKAI said...

ya..listen to own voice really funny haha