Monday, 10 September 2007

Lunchais birthday celebration @ Greenbox

On Friday's night (07/09/2007), 4 lunchais have gathered to celebrate birthday @ Greenbox, Jaya Jusco Belakong. If not mistaken, it's been 1 year++ that we didn't celebrate birthday together. And since Alvin's job requires to travel around, this makes us less time to meet. During this karaoke session, as usual, Lebon sings like a Pro, Alvin shows his Mandarin skill and sings "童话", and Wosip joined us like crazy. Anyway, I really enjoyed that night and shout out loud like a crazy dude.

Sing til close eyes, very Pro

Another pro, Lebon aka Bobbydrake

Talked on the phone and laughed til like that, must be having phone sex with Alexallied. lol

Noob singing

童话 by Alvin

Lebon, Alvin, Wosip

Ending song, First Love by Utada Hikaro


Anonymous said...

wow!! so enjoy woh...whose b'day jekk??

MingKAI said...

lol..actually is 4 of us..:D

BobbyDrake said...

Muahhahahahahaaa... i got sing like a pro meh.. u also not bad ma~!! dun forget your "POWER STATION" & "LP".. also.. so sorry for your "CHUN NI".. hahahahaa... ya.. it was fun~!

MingKAI said...

lol..春泥..lmao..go dl that song man!i send to you tonight!