Thursday, 30 August 2007

Dinner @ Izzi

Last night, jimui gang went out for dinner again @ Izzi. The restaurant located somewhere around Sungei Wang. Unfortunately, our cinderella jimui (Alan) couldn't join us due to his workload. But no choice, we still go without him. We reached there around 7:30pm and we all were very hungry already. After the waitress gave us the menu, Johnny and I went to toilet. After I reached the toilet, Johnny already went in. The funny thing is, the toilet is quite complicated. Why would I say that? 1st, both of the toilets do not have any door. 2nd, the toilet sign of male and female are almost the same (maybe I didn't see it properly). 3rd, common sense, shouldn't be male toilet is on the left and female toilet is on the right? I don't know how to describe more about that toilet, it just complicated. Without further thinking, I entered the left toilet and entered a room which near the entrance. While I settling my own business in toilet, I heard lady voices from the outside, I was shocked.

That moment, I was like "WTf? Did I enter the wrong toilet? Holy shit!". I stay calm and think properly, but the fact is I surely entered the wrong toilet. OMG, WTf should I do now? I opened the door without looking anything and using my fastest speed (80km/hr) straight rush to my table with my Oscar acting skills (pretend nothing happened). Of coz i did share this with my Jimui gang. They laughed until their Asses OFF. This is one of my MOST FUNNIEST and EMBARRASSING experience in my life LOL.This restaurant suggested by our cindellera jimui who couldn't make it =.=". Overall, the environment is nice and comfortable and the foods are delicious. I personally rate this restaurant 7 stars out of 10. Another thing surprised us when we were collecting the car.. the car was sticked a BIG note on the windscreen.. guess whut, an OH-GONG (SUMMON in Hokkien)!! That is funny too, why? Because, we have passed the key to the car jockey and the person was never parked the car in the right SPOT!. Johnny argued with the jockey, and finally the person claimed that the restaurant will responsible for the summon. Hence then only we left the place. Thanks Johnny for the fight!!. To prevent misunderstanding or inconvenient, jimui Jeslyn has already taken the photo of the summon just in case. Anyway, this is another wonderful night and thanks for the dinner.

Jimui Family

Alan, the face that couldn't go lol

Me & Johnny & his car

Jeslyn & Ivy & Johnny

Smart Toll

Smart Tunnel Entrance

Our Destination

Johnny & Ivy

Jeslyn & Me

Soup of the day - Corn Soup

Cheese Dough Ball <-- Look

Our drinks

Chicken Steak with Pasta

My shit - Vegetarian Lasagne

Spaghetti Bolognese

Summon lol


Alex Allied said...

lol!!!!! u are CONFIRMED sissy, went in the female toilet. Lucky u were not caught, else really GG. The girls will scream like no tomorrow and security will come pin down on you!!

MingKAI said...

lol..innocent la..scream mat 7..i think that toilet doesnt have door I dun think they will take off their clothes and I won't touch them do they scream for?'s really funny man..GG

DonDon said...

wow~!! you also become one of the blog writter lar?? hwahahaha, good 1, keep ur blog update often ya. got another new blog to read ^^. Exchange Link will ya? keep in touch pal~ long time no see, find a day come out yumcha lar.