Saturday, 18 August 2007

Dinner @ Look Out Point

Last night, I went out with colleagues (jimui) and had dinner at Look Out Point restaurant located at a place called nga nga san lol. One of the jimui Jeslyn suggested to go there because of the night view and environment. Below are some of the photos and we really had a wonderful night ^^.

Night View #1

My salad XD

Yummy :D

Bloody red =.="

Yummy :D

Night View #2

Night View #3

Alan, Ivy, Jeslyn

Jeslyn, Me, Johnny

Me =.="


Bobby said...

wow.. food #5 is a SHITY SIZZLING CHICKEN CHOP? and u called named tat YUMMY? WTF?

MingKAI said...

LOL..if not mistaken, its name is Special chicken chop..zadou..

Alex Allied said...

who's that sohai in the last pic? XD

MingKAI said...

omg.i think u duno Eng do u? LOL

Anonymous said...

jz wanna let u all know that food #5 called BBQ sizzling chicken chop.....lolz....