Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I've been working for almost 2 years. Sometimes I will sit down like an idiot and think what we working so hard for. Money? Dream? For me, I don't have a career dream yet. For the other dream, I always dream of travelling the whole world like Europe, Asia..etc. As I know, $$ is not everything. But without $$, we really hard to survive and enjoy our life, cause whatever thing also is about $$. Without dream, your life will be boring and meaningless. Everyday working 9-5, wake up early to avoid the stupid jam, go to office do some stupid stuff, back on time and relax til 12 and sleep. Every weekday doing the same shit, c'mon, it's damn boring.

Anyway, different people different opinion. Some told me "What to do? Life's like that." Some told me "It depends how you look at it and enjoy it". Yes, both also quite true. But when I down, I always think that life sux, and a lot negative thinking come into my mind. Maybe I'm not a very active and outgoing person, that's why I have this kind of thinking when I very down. But when you in good mood, you will feel lucky cause you have a pretty gf, you have a lot good friends, have family, etc.

Everyone of you knows that life is short, we have to enjoy our life as much as possible before it comes to the end. Alright, bluff enough. Last but not least, I wish all of you who read my blog "Have a Nice Day" and "Enjoy Your Life". GG


Bobby said...

FULL of CRABsssssssssss!!!!!!
wasted my 2 mins..
thanks for the "HAVE A NICE DAY" though!!

Anonymous said...

no matter what shits he had wrote, jz one word to describe... 'jealous'...lolz.. cos most of the time he do nothing.. but salary remain the same... dunno is a good things for me to jealous anot..wakakakaka..

MingKAI said...

lmao..boring write boring stuff lo..remain same salary lol..we swap position la..:D