Monday, 20 August 2007


Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972) better known by his stage name Eminem, is an American rapper, record producer and actor from Detroit, Michigan. Having sold seventy million albums worldwide, Eminem is one of the highest-selling musicians of the early 2000s and one of the highest-selling rap artists of all time. Eminem was discovered by gangsta rapper and producer Dr. Dre. When Dr. Dre first heard Eminem's mixtape, he thought Eminem was black. Dr. Dre later signed Eminem to his record label, Aftermath Entertainment.

Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney has praised Mathers for his "verbal energy" and for arousing popular interest in poetry and lyrics. Eminem is infamous for the controversy surrounding many of his lyrics. With the success of his highly acclaimed album, The Marshall Mathers LP and its subsequent nomination for four Grammy awards including Album of the Year, critics such as GLAAD denounced his lyrics as homophobic and misogynist, while others claimed that it promoted violence.

I start listening to Eminem since the 1st single "The Real Slim Shady" of the album "Mashall Mathers LP" in 2000. One day, bobby told me that there is a very hot song from radio and ask me to check it out. He also told me that the song sang by a white rapper which is very funny. Few days later, I saw him from MTV by the song "The Real Slim Shady". I thought it was just a funny song and I didn't know that his album contains controversy lyrics. After the release of 2nd and 3rd single which is "The Way I Am" and "Stan", I love his music more and more. In the end, I bought his pirated album from night market.

That is the 1st time that I know these kind of music are existing, lol I damn noob. Due to his strong lyrics, my sister also surprise and asked me "Ming, how come a singer like this can sing and existing? Keep saying "fxxk" "fxxk" "fxxk", what the hell is he singing?" lol..But after I look at the lyrics, I know that he is talking about his life. For those who like rap music, you should know that rap music is come from black people and most of the rap music contain funny sound like gunshot, car banging, etc. Most importantly, most of the people will not understand what they are rapping about.

For Eminem, he is a slightly different. 1st, he is white. 2nd, his lyric is very meaningful compare to other rappers. 3rd, he is very creative. why would I say that? In the song "Kim", actually the song is a conversation between him and his wife, in the end, he killed his wife and buried her which is a very special "song" =.=". The song "Stan" is talking about one of his fans wrote a letter to him. The chorus is actually taken from the song "Thank You" by Dido. Few letters become a song, lol. The other thing I love his music due to the beat and ryhthm. The songs he sang is always follow the beat and ryhthm nicely. Although his recent album is not as nice as the album "Mashall Matters LP" and "The Eminem Show", but I wish he will produce more nice songs in the future.


Anonymous said...

Eminem SUX!! ban him!! rap is not music!!

MingKAI said... like I like? :D

Alex Allied said...

enimen rules!!!

mingkai lanci there. Woot!!!!

Rap is not music, coz it's music, on a higher level.

MingKAI said...

Dude, is Eminem not enimen LOL..mingkai will nv lanci until u lanci me also got level? lmao