Wednesday, 15 August 2007

MingKAI's Lonely Pudge

The latest map that I'm playing now is 6.46b. Some close friends of mine may know that I like to choose Pudge - The Butcher in every game. They wonder why I like to choose such a ugly fat ass haha. Yes, he is fat, slow, and ugly. In fact, he is not easy to control if you haven't master his hook. I like to use him because he needs a lot of skills to play, unlike other heroes, just click and cast the spells and kill. Furthermore, using him requires prediction. You need to predict where is your enemy heading to. I start using him since few months ago after watched a lot of his videos from youtube. Until now, there is still a lot of PRO players uploading his video to youtube almost everyday. Well, for me, I also made 2 videos of him whereby the 3rd video is coming soon. Below are the 2 videos, enjoy.

P/S: I'm not PRO Pudge

MingKAI's Lonely Pudge #1

MingKAI's Lonely Pudge #2

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