Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Outing @ Putrajaya @ 28/11/2010

I knew Liewwk from the Internet. Saw his beautiful landscape, seascape, startrail, macro works over all the popular websites such as flickr, photomalaysia, photography on the net, etc. In the end, I found him on facebook and he accepted me as a friend. After I asked him many questions about startrail, he then added me into a landscape group haha. Few days later, they have an outing to shoot sunrise @ abandoned bridge, Putrajaya. Without knowing everyone, I reached there early in the morning and met up all the members. There's how I met the master Liewwk, Shunfa, Carmen, Jason, Bryan, Yik Wai & KD. After the short introduction, we then walked through some rocks, water and finally reached destination XD

Shunfa taught me how to manual focus, yes, I did auto focus most of the time XD Thanks Shunfa...

Liew taught me how to shoot 6 photos and stitch it during PP if I don't have UWA (Ultra Wide Angle) lens. I should have cloned the branches/grass = ="

It's considered lucky to me in my 1st outing, we saw a few colours in the sky during magic hour.

After that, it's too cloudy to see sunrise. Weather a bit overcast.

CPL stack with GND, kinda weird colour...

Yeah..the gang behind the scene...

P/S: I didn't know it was so beautiful when waiting for sunrise, sunset and magic hour. Watching colour of the sky changing from blue to red, red to pink, pink to purple. Most of the people is still sleeping at 5am+, but for me, this is the 2nd time I got up so early to photograph sunrise since the last trip to Sg Lembing. Yes, this is the crazy gang that I wanted to join long long time ago. Thanks all...

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