Monday, 4 April 2011

Outing @ "Alex" Lake, Puchong @ 03/12/2010

Next outing with the gang was "Alex" Lake, why called Alex? Cuz it was discovered by one of the member, so we name it as the founder name :P. I still remember it was Friday if not mistaken, rushed to the lake according to the GPS coordinate given by the boss after office hour.

1st time to here and it's kinda late, just setup the tripod and fired...

Beautiful brances...

Kinda weird colour, maybe due to filter colour cast...

The water there kinda clear too haha...

After few shots, my batterty died = =" But I saw the battery was showing full bar just moment ago = =". No choice, only can see other people to shoot magic colour T.T

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ming Kai,

It is a very nice scenery. Can i have the GPS coordinate too. Thanks.