Thursday, 17 March 2011

Solo Projects @ Puchong @ 21/11/2011

It's been awhile that I started my own solo projects. Most of the time was shooting startrail, but it just really hard to shoot in the city due to light pollution. One day, when Joleen and I walked out from 1 Utama towards parking, I saw the magic hour it just too beautiful.

Beautiful enough to make me took out the camera and shot :D

Both shots were handhold, original colour not colour cast :D

After sent Joleen back, I drove to a place near Tasik Puchong Prima and found this place. Do you see the green colour line on the left? Now only I know it's been for long time.

I know full moon is the enemy for shooting startrail. But that time I still lacked of knowledge and just shot without proper planning.

Another enemy of shooting startrail is the damn clouds...

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