Friday, 5 October 2007

Jeslyn's Birthday Celebration @ Channel 6

Last night (04/10/2007), Jimui went out for dinner again. But this time, we were celebrated Jimui Jeslyn's birthday falls on 06th Oct. Surprisingly, Alan brought his gf as well lol. This time, we headed to 1 cafe called Channel 6 @ Cheras. Unfortunately, that place just a normal look cafe and the foods also so so. At the end was the singing and cake session. Only me and Alan tasted the cake and the rest didn't taste it. Anyway, just hope you like the present and wish you Happy Birthday! ^^

Me and Johnny



Card + present

Chicken chop fried rice?

XO sauce fried rice

Maryland chicken chop

Vegetarian fried rice

Don't know what it called..


Chicken wings

Birthday cake

Birthday girl

Alan & "Miss Wong"


Jeslyn & me

What the......???


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Eat eat eat said...

You item 6 -> Don't know what it called..

It's Potato Skins, looking at the photo, it should be Egg + Sausage Potato Skins.