Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Some Old Days

As usual, 8pm, time to start my war (dota). After 1 game, we all disconnected from the server. Server offline AGAIN, sien! Due to the free time, I used the time to arrange my folder in the PC. Accidentally, I found some funny photos from Lunchais Gang. Without any reasons, I decided to post it up for sharing lol.

Who the hell is that? Dude, you hungry until that level? =.="

Dude, 4 months babe?


Wosip, MingKAI, Alvin, Bobby


Our drinks, any alcohols?

"Between", Ace - K, the biggest chance....and the card is......

9!! woosh..almost heart-attack lol

Aiyoh, all beh song me won the money...sorry la bang :D

5 or lose??

lol..Alvin's sex toy also joined our game...dun play play

LMAO..2 - J also get J..9 9..our lesson..dun greedy :D

4 Lunchais ^^

Fall in love with 财神爷...

.......lame act........



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