Sunday, 7 October 2007

Joleen's Birthday Celebration

Today (06 Oct) is my gf's birthday. Coincidentally, her birthday is same date as jimui Jeslyn. Actually is same day, same month, and same year lol. According to plan, we had a karaoke session at Sunway Pyramid in the morning.

Just took the room. Snap 1 photo 1st hehe.

Sing until no voice. Took a rest and snap another 1. sweet..

This photo taken from outside Redbox. Actually we planned to ask someone to take photo for us. But suddenly, there is a middle-age dude appeared in front of me and asked "Dude, want me take photo for you?". I said "Yes, that would be great, thanks!". After took, he gave me a business card and said "My name card, call me if need anything." I saw the CIMB logo on the top of the card and my reaction at that moment is "WTF?"...................... =.="

It's tea time. I bought a bread from Auntie Anne's and took a seat for rest. Joleen asked me whether she can taste a piece and I said "Eh no la, I'm too hungry." Guess what.....

She totally upset and ignore me after that. She rather stare at another dude.

Well, who cares? I also stare at another chick lol

Haih, I better start my day dreaming....

But in the end still got nothing....

Again, who cares? Better clean my mouth and ciao...

Totally speechless..wakaka..

Afterward, we saw a lot of people in the hall. I see, people taking picture with model. Wait a minute, I walked closer and closer. Those models were blinking their eyes, WTF? guys also think they are fake, don't you?

Another photo taken with Joleen.

Dinner time, it's time to get something to eat at Italianese. This is my 1st time eat at Italianese, food and environment also not bad. They served you this free bread and unknown sauce once you are seated.

Our dish..watermelon juice, warm water, fettuccine carbonara, and spaghetti with meatballs. The spaghetti with meatballs is quite big portion, and the meatballs are double size of our balls =.="

After dinner, we walked again and took some photos before going home.

Another pose :D


Another-middle-east-fellow said...

I saw the CIMB logo on the top of the card and my reaction at that moment is "WTF?"

Wat is so suprised about CIMB?! middle east ppl can't work in CIMB?! I'm more interesting wat is the person do in CIMB!!

Who-cares said...

your eyes were so REDDDDDDDD in the morning~!! juz woke up?! or u criieed?!! poor baby~!

MingKAI said...

Another-middle-east-fellow : la..when time he came to me..I also thought is those credit card agents or salesmen la..where got people so nice 1..

Who-cares : yala..rub my eye before that day.and also too touching..haha