Wednesday, 7 November 2007

MingKAI's Birthday Celebration w/ GF

Recently, I just celebrated my birthday with my gf at Restoran Bumbu Bali on Sunday (04/11/2007). Actually, this restaurant is recommended by my gf and some friends. It served with Indonesian + Western food and most of the food is spicy. This is the 1st time I went to this restaurant and lucky enough to taste Bali food without going to Bali lol. Overall, the food is amazing but the restaurant is not Air-Conditioned.

Snap 1 photo before going there hehe

Outside look

Inside look

A frog was staring at us next to our table. Is it mad or hungry? lol

Chicken Pasta. Taste different from western pasta. Not bad but a bit oily.

Campur-campur Tiga. This appetizer came with chicken wings, deep fried squid, satey on lemon grass stem and 3 types of sauce.

Some painting outside the toilet on 2nd floor.

Another painting.

WTF is this?? =.="

Buddha statue 1.

Buddha statue 2.

Some decoration on 1st floor.


Meow meow meow.

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