Friday, 16 November 2007

Singapore Trip - Day 2 @ 12/11/2007

Day 2, after breakfast at the nearby restaurant, it's time to go shopping. Today, we went to shopping mall in City Hall, Orchard road, and Chinatown. We ended up with nothing because the clothes and other stuff are almost the same price in Malaysia after conversion to RM. Anyway, this is another tiring day.

The small fountain inside a shopping mall. It will change to different color in every few mins.

A small cool fountain inside a shopping mall near the City Hall.

A church located at outside the City Hall MRT station.

Paragon shopping mall near Orchard Road.

A complex located outside the Chinatown MRT station.

Some shots of building in Chinatown.

Singtel. Singapore's largest telecommunications company.

MingKAI @ beautiful overhead bridge near Chinatown.

Chinatown. Not much things to buy, Petaling Street better lol.

Random shot.

Kent & me. We met up @ Chinatown and had dinner together. He ordered a lot of food for us and we blow water until 8pm++. He told me that it's not bad working and living in Singapore. Salary is quite high and living standard is quite low. Can be considered in the future. After dinner, we went back separately and another day is gone.


Alex Allied said...

"Salary is quite high and living standard is quite low"

What do you mean by that?

Living standard in Singapore is low? Think again.

Samantha said...

How you go? By Cruise or By Bus? I also wanna go....but no leave yet...:~(

Your Cousin,

MingKAI said...

Alex: Yes, house is exp. What I meant by cheap is those electrical stuff like HP, LCD, PC, food and other stuff also reasonable price.

Samantha: I traveled there by coach/bus - Aeroline. That cruise we just took photo for the view. lol. You going there for vacation with bf? XD

Samantha said...

Yes i am planning to go with him but dunno he wants to go with me or not..kekeke...been reading a lot abt the good food there from a lot of bloggers...wanna try to mum mum...gotta save money first