Thursday, 15 November 2007

Singapore Trip - Day 1 @ 11/11/2007

Finally, today is the day to Singapore. Yes, I'm pretty excited cuz I waited for this day long time ago. This is my 1st time travelling to other country without my family. Not only for vacation, but also to see my idol Linkin Park, it is a very indescribable feeling. Ok, cut the craps, continue to Day 1. I didn't take much photo in Day 1 cuz very tired and most of the time we rested in the room.

At the rest stop.

Reached Harbourfront around 1pm++. Took a photo with Star Gemini Cruise.

After we had lunch @ Harbourfront, we took MRT to Kallang and then walked to Hotel 81 Hollywood, Geylang. Yes, we stayed in Geylang, but don't think anything else please lol. The room is small, but clean, neat and cheap. This is the view taken from the room.

This is another Hotel 81 just opposite the hotel I stayed. We reached the hotel around 4pm++ and that time was really exhausted. At night, we just simply ate at the nearby restaurant. When we walked back after dinner, we saw a bunch of prostitutes standing right in front of the entrance of this hotel. I nearly forgot that day was Sunday lol. Most of them were China girls, they were sexy, fair skinned, even Joleen said "Walao, really cun le". This was my 1st experience of seeing this kind of scene. Maybe because I have never been to Chow Kit at night :P

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