Monday, 19 November 2007

Singapore Trip - Day 3 @ 13/11/2007

Day 3 - a very important day - Linkin Park concert at night XD. After breakfast, we moved to our 1st destination - Raffles Place. This place is a beautiful and busy town. You can see many banks such as Standard Charted, Maybank, and UOB bank right outside the exit of the Raffles Place's MRT station. I knew there are alot of statues in this place.Without wasting any min, I asked some people to find out the exact location. On top of that, I realized that Singaporeans always give the wrong directions, at least 3 times within this 4 days trip. We walked to behind of Maybank and finally saw the Singapore river and some statues.

A very unique statue outside the Standard Charted Bank.

Cavenagh Bridge near Singapore River.

Singapore River.

Some cool statues near Singapore River. "Oh I see, ok."

Another shot of Singapore River.

Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles - Singapore's founder - stands tall and proud in the form of a dark bronze status in front of the Victoria Theater.

After a few shots at Raffles Place, it's time to walk to Merlion Park which is not far from Raffles Place. I'm not sure what building that is, but it's kinda cool, isn't it?

The Fullerton Hotel and HSBC.

The small merlion.

Eye On Singapore??

Construction site. Should be the new casino at Marina Bay Sands.

The big merlion.

We headed back to Raffles Place after the visit of Merlion Park. Saw some nice cars - BMW Z8/Z9 ??

Subaru Impreza and Porsche.

OMFG! It's Lamborghini =.="

Oh really??

Small birds.

Huge bird.

After the walk, we both were hungry and had lunch at nearby restaurant in a shopping mall. Around 4pm, it's time to move to the stadium :D. After we reached the Singapore Indoor Stadium, we took a little walk around the stadium. That's a bridge that links to opposite place, a lot of apartments there.

Another shot.

We started queuing at 5pm++ and the gate opened at 7pm++. The 1st thing we did was used our turbo and rushed to the main hall. The show supposed to start at 8pm but they started at 9pm sharp zzz. This is the 1st song called Wake.

DJ - Mr Hahn and Vocalist - Mike Shinoda

Another vocalist - Chester Bennington

Another shot of Mike

I managed to record 11 songs from the concert. This is "What I've Done".

"In The End"

"Shadow of The Day". For more videos, please click here. They performed 21 songs and the show ended at 10:30pm. After the noisy sound from the band, there is some noisy sound from our stomach, yes we were hungry. We then walked back to Geylang and looked for porridge with frog because we heard Geylang is famous of that.

We finally found a restaurant that serves this porridge with frog. There are few types of flavour and we ordered the spicy one - "Gong Bo". Spicy but really delicious and almost burnt my mouth. After finish eating, we can't wait to get back to hotel and Zzz (after bath)...In fact, this is the most tiring day of the trip.

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