Monday, 26 November 2007

Restoran Face to Face Noodles House @ Damansara Perdana

Recently, Joleen asked me about the Lat Jiu Pan Mee at Damansara Perdana, but I totally have no idea where it is. So I Google it and found some bloggers blogged about it. I got the address and realized it is nearby the Friendster restaurant inside Damansara Business Centre at Damansara Perdana. I drove slowly and finally found it nearby the 7-11.

The name of the shop is Restoran Face to Face Noodles House. This shop not only sell lat jiu pan mee (chili pan mee). In fact, it sells various type of pan mee, either soup or dry.

Although it sells many types of pan mee, but I still want to try the spicy pan mee. Unlike the famous chilis pan mee - Kin Kin Pan Mee in KL, this chili pan mee comes with 2 size, Medium and Large. For me, I definitely ordered the large 1 XD

I also ordered a side dish - Fried Dumplings. RM3.50 for 5 pieces.

Conclusion, the shop lost to chili. No matter how many spoons of chili I put, it's still not as spicy as the Kin Kin chili pan mee. I can tasted the difference because I have just been to Kin Kin chili pan mee 2 weeks ago. I still remembered I ate 2 bowls of chili pan mee at Kin Kin, it burnt my stomach until that night. Maybe next time should try some other type of pan mee :)


Anonymous said...

eat also dun1 call ji mui la... not bad... looks quite nice... can try it.. hehe

MingKAI said...

lol..lai..we go there for next dinner :D